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FRONTLINE: The Retirement Gamble

Go forth, watch “The Retirement Gamble” by Frontline on the PBS website, then come back and I’ll talk you down off the ledge.  Here are my reactions.  First off: Of course people don’t know how much they need to retire.  … Continue reading

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Reign of the “The Queen of Versailles”

There’s a new documentary out that’s worth watching – “The Queen of Versailles.”  It’s available on Netflix.  The movie’s about Jackie and David Siegel, owners of Westgate Resorts, and their family’s fall from wealth during the recession.  At the beginning … Continue reading

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Because Economics Lends Itself to Rap Anthems

“Dismal science?” Pish-tosh.  Here’s a superficial and minimally informative pair of videos illustrating just how exciting economics can be, in the form of rap music.  Behold!

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James K. Galbraith at the Clinton School in Little Rock

So, earlier this week there was a lecture from an economist I follow named James K. Galbraith at the Clinton School.  He gave a perky, upbeat* lecture called “The Bleak Past and the Grim Future,” which you can watch online … Continue reading

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“American Greed” on Hulu

So, I found a CNBC show on Hulu.com called “American Greed.”  It’s a fascinating true-crime show about major recent white-collar crimes.  It covers crimes from multi-million dollar art thefts to a pharmacist that diluted cancer drugs.*  However, most of the … Continue reading

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Video: “The Crash of 1929”

PBS Video has a really interesting episode of American Experience available online (until Nov 10, 2013) entitled “The Crash of 1929.”  It’s a history of the year leading up to the great stock market crash of 1929, and its immediate … Continue reading

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FRONTLINE: Money, Power and Wall Street

You saw the FRONTLINE last night on PBS, right? No?  Well, you missed a treat, then. “As Wall Street innovated, its revenues skyrocketed, and financial institutions of all stripes tied their fortunes to one another. FRONTLINE probes deeply into the … Continue reading

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Watch Donald Duck File His 1941 and 1943 Tax Returns

With the help of an anthropomorphic fountain pen, ink well, and (I kid you not) blotter, you can watch Donald Duck file his 1941 income tax, and more interestingly, find out why he is paying his income taxes.  Spoiler alert: … Continue reading

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Get Your Financial Concern On

I stumbled across a couple Dateline NBC programs on YouTube that you may be interested in.  The first is about credit card debt and the second is about mortgage fraud.  I don’t really have time to blog today, so I … Continue reading

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Balancing Stuff and Happiness

Here’s a brief, clever lecture from the TED series about the relationship between stuff and happiness.  I love the modular apartment design!  I also like the message of prioritizing your stuff.

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Why Am I Not Freaking Out?

“Stocks Plunge!”  “Second Recession Could Be Worse Than The First!”  “Recovery Out Of Sight!”  These are just a sample of the headlines gracing our internet.  If you someone who likes to go face-down in the financial news, then you’re probably … Continue reading

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