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Encore Career Resources

So, Cindy found some neat resources for people looking for an “encore career” after they choose to leave their first career: mynextmove.org. They have a load of resources for job hunters.  My favorite is their Interest Profiler.  I took a … Continue reading

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Caught in Catch-22

From CNNMoney.com via Yahoo! Finance, “I Have Jobs, but No One Wants Them” by Kitt Walsh:* Many fail our background checks Owner: Jim Angleton Company: AEGIS FinServe Corp. Location: Miami Annual revenue: $1.9 million Aegis provides U.S. government agencies with … Continue reading

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When Is a Steal Not a Deal?

The sickly real estate market and tremendously low mortgage rates have coupled to make houses particularly affordable, at least compared to previous housing prices and rates.  At least, that’s what the CNNMoney.com article “Home buying: Most affordable in decades” by … Continue reading

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Looking for a Job Isn’t a Full Time Job – But Self-Promotion Is

Good news!  Unemployment has dropped to a three-year low of 8.3%.  That means the economy’s all better now, right?  Right? As it turns out, there are still some folks out there languishing in unemployment.  Since there simply aren’t enough jobs … Continue reading

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The Vice of “Making Do”

Show of hands:  who here thinks of “making do” as a good thing?  Now I can’t see through the computer, but I’m pretty sure that you’ve got a warm spot in your heart for “making do.”  It’s quintessentially American and has … Continue reading

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The 99% and Occupy Wall Street

Hopefully you’ve heard of the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations by now.  Here are some of their stories, from We Are The 99 Percent.  Here are a few of their stories.  You can hover your mouse over the picture to read … Continue reading

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Unemployment Myths

So, I had the misfortune of attending a Rotary meeting today and hearing a speaker from the Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce talk about the wonders they perform for the business community.  I mean, the misfortune was having to hear … Continue reading

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Overcoming Job Loss Risk

There is no such thing as a safe job.  No such thing.  So please, please don’t count on your paycheck.  Instead count on your ability to get another job.  There’s your job security — the ability to rustle up more income … Continue reading

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