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Reign of the “The Queen of Versailles”

There’s a new documentary out that’s worth watching – “The Queen of Versailles.”  It’s available on Netflix.  The movie’s about Jackie and David Siegel, owners of Westgate Resorts, and their family’s fall from wealth during the recession.  At the beginning … Continue reading

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I Think I Just Got Trolled By a Bank

So, I’m not going to name names here, but the other day I heard a radio spot for a local Little Rock bank.  The radio ad is meant to encourage listeners to refinance their homes with the local bank.  Here’s … Continue reading

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My Observations Concur – “How to Reach $1 Million” from Money Magazine

Since I’m a member of the Financial Planning Association, I receive a complementary copy of “Money” magazine each month.  Normally I just give it a quick skim, since it’s a bit… below my technical level.*  This month, however, was different.  … Continue reading

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Not Everyone Should Own a Home, and That’s OK.

There comes a time in every adult’s life when the urge to buy a home comes along.  Maybe friends are buying their first houses, or your elders are telling you how important it is to build up equity, or maybe … Continue reading

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How to Learn About Investing In Real Estate

You’ve probably seem the infomercials late at night that sell the real estate investing courses.  ‘Look how I parlayed 25¢ and a plucky attitude into a ten million dollar fortune, and you can too!  Just put your money in real … Continue reading

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When Is Homeownership Like Playing In The Road?

So, I skimmed “The Single Woman’s Guide To Real Estate” by Donna Raskin this weekend, because, hey, I’m a single woman, and I’m interested in real estate.  Funny thing, though; the book was written in 2006.  Do you know what … Continue reading

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When Is a Steal Not a Deal?

The sickly real estate market and tremendously low mortgage rates have coupled to make houses particularly affordable, at least compared to previous housing prices and rates.  At least, that’s what the CNNMoney.com article “Home buying: Most affordable in decades” by … Continue reading

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Real Estate Investing – What’s the Real Story?

Every time I hear someone talk about real estate, I get either one of two stories.  The first story is that “real estate is a great way to invest!  You can use other people’s money to make yourself rich through … Continue reading

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Living Mortgage Free – Honestly

What is it about mortgages that attracts such throngs of scammy, bad ideas?  I just had the displeasure of cruising through the underbelly of a website that purports to sell you the secrets of shedding your mortgage.*  The site is … Continue reading

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Finally, Distressed Homeowner Relief!

Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America (NACA) has been featured on American Public Media’s Marketplace.  Take a moment to go look at what they’re doing to help distressed homeowners save their homes by adjusting the terms of their loans.  It’s jaw-dropping … Continue reading

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Before You Go And Buy Your First House…

… Consider This: You will now be a homeowner.  That means you can paint the walls without having a landlord grouse at you.  That also means that if anything breaks, you’re on the hook.  Here’s a brief list of areas … Continue reading

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Leverage: Double-edged Sword or Executioner’s Axe?

Leverage – it’s when you use borrowed money to make an investment, in the hopes that the profits from the investment will exceed the cost of the borrowed funds.  Usually it’s portrayed as a double-edged sword – leverage can cut … Continue reading

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