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One Way Personal Finance Advice Ends Up Going Bad: Part 1

The free personal finance tips market is glutted.  Not only do you have this fine blog, but there are, literally, thousands upon thousands of articles,  and hundreds of books, radio shows, and TV shows on personal finance.  And, in a … Continue reading

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No Blog Post Today

WordPress ate 3/4th’s of my post.  Despite my telling it to save repeatedly.  Your regularly scheduled posts will begin again tomorrow.

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Well, It’s Good To Know I’m Not Alone

The other day I wrote an admittedly strident screed about a recent post by Dan Ariley’s, New York Times Bestselling author and alleged “researcher,” post on the value of financial advising.  In summary, I was not too happy with Dan … Continue reading

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Dan Ariely’s Despicable Libel

I am so angry, I can hardly see straight.  Let me tell you what’s got me in a lather: behavioral economist and best-selling author Dan Ariely has just massively libeled my profession.  Since I’m not the type of girl to … Continue reading

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