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“American Greed” on Hulu

So, I found a CNBC show on Hulu.com called “American Greed.”  It’s a fascinating true-crime show about major recent white-collar crimes.  It covers crimes from multi-million dollar art thefts to a pharmacist that diluted cancer drugs.*  However, most of the … Continue reading

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Mid-Life Rumspringa?

According to an article on credit.com and a Department of Justice news release, an Amish man is accused of defrauding nearly 2,700 investors of more than $16.8 million. “This is fraud on a massive scale,” said Steven M. Dettelbach, United … Continue reading

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Tips To Avoid Being A Ponzi Scheme Sucker

So, I was looking for info on Ponzi schemes the other day an found a blog written by an ex-Ponzi schemer by the name of Chuck Gallagher.  After doing time for defrauding his CPA clients, he is now a motivational … Continue reading

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Social Security Is Not A Ponzi Scheme. Quit Calling It That.

You’ve probably heard it before, the old “social security is a Ponzi scheme” canard.  It sounds good on the face of it, but is Social Security really a Ponzi scheme?  Let’s think about it. According to the SEC a Ponzi … Continue reading

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Reporting on the Bernie Madoff Scandal

One of the biggest challenges in reporting on current finance topics is making the central concepts understandable to the lay person.  Happily, Frontline from PBS skillfully simplifies the Bernie Madoff scandal in “The Madoff Affair“, while still giving the viewer … Continue reading

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