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The Scariest Thing I Could Think Of…

So I had to dress up for Halloween, and I’m supremely lazy about that sort of thing. Here’s the solution. It’s the scariest thing I could think of.

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Mortgage – Make Principal Payments, or Larger Retirement Contributions?

Nick Livers, Attorney at Hyden, Miron and Foster and friend-of-the-firm (check out his blog,) asks a great question: Great post, Abigail. [9 Year Mortgage – Some More Mortgage Payoff Thoughts, -ed.] I have acquaintances that ask me about this from time … Continue reading

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9 Year Mortgage – Some More Mortgage Payoff Thoughts

It turns out the post I made last September titled “9 Year Mortgage – Some Thoughts” has gotten a lot of attention.*  I’d like to write about a larger point that I didn’t make in that post, which really needs … Continue reading

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9 Year Mortgage – Some Thoughts

So, the other weekend I was bopping along to the radio while cleaning my house.  A commercial came on for something called “9 Year Mortgage.”  My planner antenna went up as I thought, “Sounds a little scammy, but I’ll check … Continue reading

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Credit Card Collection Practices on “The Diane Rehm Show”

There was a great episode from The Diane Rehm Show the other day “New Concerns Over Credit Card Debt Collection” (Tuesday, August 21, 2012 – 10:06 a.m.), in which credit card collection practices are discussed.  According to the episode summary … Continue reading

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The One Paper I Never, Ever Throw Away…

You’ve read the headlines.  Over and over again, debt collectors are calling people who don’t owe them a penny and harassing innocent people into paying debts that aren’t owed.  An excellent example of this is documented in American Banker’s exposé … Continue reading

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Why Wait?

It’s resolutions season again, and I hope you have a few goals for this year.  (I do!) It’s customary to start New Year’s Resolutions on the first of January, but I encourage you to start immediately.  Why wait?  I’ve been … Continue reading

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How to Make a Debt Snowball

So you want to pay down your debts.  How are you going to do that efficiently?  Use the Debt Snowball.  Just like a cartoon snowball rolling down a slope, the debt snowball builds momentum as it goes.  You’ll need to … Continue reading

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