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Retire on $75 per Day? Ask Cindy About Little Rock

That’s what U.S. News and World Report did when they voted Little Rock one of the 10  best places to retire on $75 per day. According to the article, “Retirees who rent pay a median of $627 monthly to live … Continue reading

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Smart Phone Savings Trick, Part 2

In my previous post, Wade asks: “Coincidentally I’m looking into this topic as well these days. I’m trying to figure out what the downsides are for the Walmart / Straight Talk system that provides data plans for about 1/2 the … Continue reading

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Smart Phone Savings Trick

So, my current smart phone is getting ready to give up the ghost.  The camera’s broken, and it won’t turn on without a battery pull.  Plus, it’s a BlackBerry, which means that it will probably brick* itself soon.  That means … Continue reading

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Furnish Your Home Cheaply

Do you have the same problem I have – more apartment than stuff?  Do you want to fill it with somewhat inexpensive things of reasonable quality?  Are you disinclined to be squeamish about using a dead person’s stuff?* Then maybe … Continue reading

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An Adventurous Palate Can Give You Easy Grocery Savings

Does healthy eating make your both your physique and wallet lighter?  If you’ve got an adventurous spirit and want to save a few bucks on filling your stomach, have I two simple tips for you:  take a look at your … Continue reading

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Balancing Stuff and Happiness

Here’s a brief, clever lecture from the TED series about the relationship between stuff and happiness.  I love the modular apartment design!  I also like the message of prioritizing your stuff.

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My #1 Trick for Overcoming Frugal Fatigue

Earlier this spring “frugal fatigue” was in vogue.  What is frugal fatigue?  Just like it sounds, it’s when people who are accustomed to a higher standard of living become tired of denying themselves purchases they ordinarily would’ve made.  These poor … Continue reading

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One Disposable Razor Per Year?

How frugal is too frugal?  The inimitable Clark Howard, host of the aptly named Clark Howard Show,* which is about saving more, spending less, and how not to get ripped off, has pushed the envelope on just how frugal a … Continue reading

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