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Mortgage – Make Principal Payments, or Larger Retirement Contributions?

Nick Livers, Attorney at Hyden, Miron and Foster and friend-of-the-firm (check out his blog,) asks a great question: Great post, Abigail. [9 Year Mortgage – Some More Mortgage Payoff Thoughts, -ed.] I have acquaintances that ask me about this from time … Continue reading

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9 Year Mortgage – Some More Mortgage Payoff Thoughts

It turns out the post I made last September titled “9 Year Mortgage – Some Thoughts” has gotten a lot of attention.*  I’d like to write about a larger point that I didn’t make in that post, which really needs … Continue reading

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9 Year Mortgage – Some Thoughts

So, the other weekend I was bopping along to the radio while cleaning my house.  A commercial came on for something called “9 Year Mortgage.”  My planner antenna went up as I thought, “Sounds a little scammy, but I’ll check … Continue reading

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What Is Balance Sheet Repair?

The latest and greatest fad in personal finance is “balance sheet repair.”  So, what is balance sheet repair, and does your balance sheet need to be repaired? First, what is “balance sheet repair?”  It’s one of those delightful phrases you … Continue reading

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Why Wait?

It’s resolutions season again, and I hope you have a few goals for this year.  (I do!) It’s customary to start New Year’s Resolutions on the first of January, but I encourage you to start immediately.  Why wait?  I’ve been … Continue reading

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How to Make a Debt Snowball

So you want to pay down your debts.  How are you going to do that efficiently?  Use the Debt Snowball.  Just like a cartoon snowball rolling down a slope, the debt snowball builds momentum as it goes.  You’ll need to … Continue reading

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