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Encore Career Resources

So, Cindy found some neat resources for people looking for an “encore career” after they choose to leave their first career: mynextmove.org. They have a load of resources for job hunters.  My favorite is their Interest Profiler.  I took a … Continue reading

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Age Sixty-Five is the Deadline for Becoming Independently Wealthy?

The standard retirement age in the U.S. is age 65.  Most people see that as the date they should be ready to retire, but retirement has changed significantly over that past hundred years.  I think our expectations have changed from … Continue reading

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Survey of Consumer Finances: Net Worth

Tell me I’m not the only one around here who’s totally stoked that the Survey of Consumer Finances came out!  You’re not?  I asked you not to tell me that!* The Survey of Consumer Finances is a “triennial interview survey … Continue reading

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Getting Ready for Elder Care

In financial planning, you hear a lot about retirement or college,but you don’t hear as much about elder care concerns.  NPR has a great special series on Morning Edition about elder care, and I suggest you take a look at … Continue reading

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What Happens To Your Pet After You Die?

Do you have the care of your beloved pet in your estate plan?  This Chicago resident did, but you may want to do things a little differently.  From “Though there was a will, Fifth Third found a way to save … Continue reading

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Caught in Catch-22

From CNNMoney.com via Yahoo! Finance, “I Have Jobs, but No One Wants Them” by Kitt Walsh:* Many fail our background checks Owner: Jim Angleton Company: AEGIS FinServe Corp. Location: Miami Annual revenue: $1.9 million Aegis provides U.S. government agencies with … Continue reading

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When Is Homeownership Like Playing In The Road?

So, I skimmed “The Single Woman’s Guide To Real Estate” by Donna Raskin this weekend, because, hey, I’m a single woman, and I’m interested in real estate.  Funny thing, though; the book was written in 2006.  Do you know what … Continue reading

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The Debt Ceiling and Your Credit Card

What do they have in common?  According to credit.com, If the Debt Ceiling Isn’t Raised, Your Credit Card’s Interest Rate Will Be.  Briefly, the author says that a failure to raise the debt ceiling would cause the U.S. to pay … Continue reading

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Before You Go And Buy Your First House…

… Consider This: You will now be a homeowner.  That means you can paint the walls without having a landlord grouse at you.  That also means that if anything breaks, you’re on the hook.  Here’s a brief list of areas … Continue reading

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Here’s Why I Don’t Live On The Edge

Yeah, Financial Planners sometimes make financial mistakes, too.  Just because you think ahead doesn’t mean that you won’t goof something up. Case in point: it’s last night, I’m running errands, and I’m tired.  I go to the bank’s ATM to … Continue reading

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