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Required Reading About Healthcare

As a financial planner, I talk to people about saving up for emergencies, and having adequate insurance coverage.  There are situations where all the prudent planning in the world won’t help you.  We don’t talk about it much, because it’s … Continue reading

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Four Awful Student Loan Risks That Will Kick You When You’re Down

Over and over again I hear the student loans are “good debt” or that you should let student loan payments go as long as you can, since they’re usually so cheap.  According to the Department of Education, between 10 and … Continue reading

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Bankruptcy: Will It Really Solve Your Problem?

People file for bankruptcy for a variety of reasons, the most common being that they can no longer pay their monthly bills.  This can happen for a variety of reasons, such as loss of income or increasing expenses. There are … Continue reading

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Strategic Default on Credit Cards?

So, I found this charming comment while browsing consumerist.com the other day.  It’s a real conversation starter.  What do you think?  My opinion is at the end. “…I am in some severe debt. I had been a perennial student/graduate student/post … Continue reading

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