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Office Mayhem!

Our office is being repainted and re-carpeted, so we aren’t there right now. If you need to see us, please give us a call at the work number (501-374-1174), which is forwarding calls to our temporary office. We are still … Continue reading

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Have You Thought About What Happens After You Die?

I’m not talking about what happens after you die in the spiritual/afterlife sense, but the practical sense of winding down your affairs.  Here are some points to consider: Do you heirs know where you keep you keys, or have a … Continue reading

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Out-of-State Moves to New Jobs

So, there’s a friend-of-the-firm is moving out-of-state for a new job.  Isn’t that great?  Here are a few tips we gave her for her out-of-state move: Before you take that job, make certain that you aren’t reducing your lifestyle.  Take changes … Continue reading

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Anatomy of a Bad Plan*

So I’ve been thinking, what makes people do silly things?  I’m not talking about the little lapses in judgement that we all make from time to time.  I’m thinking about the plans I hear about here and there that have … Continue reading

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Test Post

Please disregard.

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