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Impact Investing Luncheon

In an earlier post, I talked a little bit about impact investing – how investors are making a difference in people’s lives through the power of capital. Our speaker was Gloria Nelund, chair and CEO of TriLinc Global Impact Fund. … Continue reading

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So, Why Is the Lottery Not a Good Investment?

So, you can probably guess that playing the lottery (and most other forms of gambling) are poor ways to invest your money for the future, but do you know why? I comes from the idea of expected value. Expected value … Continue reading

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Introducing “Impact Investing”

Do you wan to invest such that your investments make the world a better place? Then you may be interested to learn about impact investing. Impact investing seeks to invest for environmental and social benefit, while earning a competitive return. … Continue reading

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It’s Not The 401(k)’s Fault

USA Today published a controversial column titled “401Ks are a disaster” by Duncan Black on February 5th of this year. The article has a lot of assertions in a tiny word count, and would take a lot of time to … Continue reading

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Age Sixty-Five is the Deadline for Becoming Independently Wealthy?

The standard retirement age in the U.S. is age 65.  Most people see that as the date they should be ready to retire, but retirement has changed significantly over that past hundred years.  I think our expectations have changed from … Continue reading

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Cindy Says…

“It’s not the market that’s unstable, it’s Fox News.”

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Can We Stop With The “You Need A Million Dollars” Thing?

Something I overhear here and there is that you need a million dollars to retire. Can we stop with that? Estimating the size of the nest egg you need to retire is highly contingent on your risk tolerance, projected returns, … Continue reading

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Ask An Advisor: Retirement Plan Alternatives

Dear Abigail, I am a non-traditional student.  I am not employed full-time, I only work on campus during regular semesters and summer sessions.  I will be attending graduate school next fall, and will be working as a research assistant.  I … Continue reading

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One Way Personal Finance Advice Ends Up Going Bad: Part 1

The free personal finance tips market is glutted.  Not only do you have this fine blog, but there are, literally, thousands upon thousands of articles,  and hundreds of books, radio shows, and TV shows on personal finance.  And, in a … Continue reading

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So, What’s In Your Mutual Fund?

Did you ever get one of those boxes of chocolates that has a sample of all different kinds of chocolate?  You’ve got your truffle, you got your cherry, you got your coconut, you got your hazelnut… then you take a … Continue reading

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Thinking About Old Age and Money

Have you ever taken the time to think about what it will be like when you’re old?  I’m not talking about the technical advances of social changes, but the physical reality.  One day, we will either all be old or … Continue reading

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Statistically Speaking, We’re Not As Amazing As We Think We Are

“One of the painful things about our time is that those who feel certainty are stupid, and those with any imagination and understanding are filled with doubt and indecision.” -Bertrand Russell Friend of the firm and top financial planner, Gary Vawter, … Continue reading

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Saving In A 401(k) May Be “Cheaper” Than You Think

If you have a 401(k) at work,* you could be able to save money in your 401(k) while only reducing your paycheck by a fraction of your savings.  Most people mistakenly think that, if they have money taken out of … Continue reading

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Blast From The Past: Investment Advice From The Early 1900’s

Do you ever wonder about what people thought about financial planning before the industry of financial planning was created?  Well, I have a treat for you.  Here are two blasts from the past, courtesy of Project Gutenberg.* First we have … Continue reading

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Skeptic’s Guide to Investment: Astrology Edition

Investing is a huge deal, and I really don’t discuss it as much on this blog as I should.*  For many people, their life savings will be invested in various financial products like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and the like.  … Continue reading

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