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Mortgage – Make Principal Payments, or Larger Retirement Contributions?

Nick Livers, Attorney at Hyden, Miron and Foster and friend-of-the-firm (check out his blog,) asks a great question: Great post, Abigail. [9 Year Mortgage – Some More Mortgage Payoff Thoughts, -ed.] I have acquaintances that ask me about this from time … Continue reading

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Ask An Advisor: Charity Scams

Dear Abigail, I have a dear friend who recently realized he was duped by an organization claiming to benefit disabled veterans and their nonprofit caregiver organizations.  There was a national news story a few weeks ago that revealed the truth … Continue reading

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Ask An Advisor: Retirement Plan Alternatives

Dear Abigail, I am a non-traditional student.  I am not employed full-time, I only work on campus during regular semesters and summer sessions.  I will be attending graduate school next fall, and will be working as a research assistant.  I … Continue reading

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Ask An Advisor: Which Credit Card Is Best?

Dear Abigail, My daughter plans to apply for a credit card.  Which one should she get? – Client Dear Client, Good question!  There are thousands of varieties of credit card available in a rainbow of colors and “metals” (even platinum!)  … Continue reading

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