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A (Funny) Honest University Commercial – EveRy University

I like a point this skit makes, that University can only get you a diploma 1) if you do the work and 2) if you pay for it. Universities aren’t an automatic ticket to a job, which seems to be … Continue reading

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If They’re Not a CFP® Pro, You Just Don’t Know

This video is brilliant, and it only takes 30 seconds: Cost of good quality professional clothes: $1,200 Cost of personal grooming: $140 Knowing the guy in the suit is actually qualified: Free.

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Track Your Refund For Free on the IRS Website

It’s that time again, the time of year in which you eagerly await your federal tax refund. If only there was some way to hover over the IRS’s shoulders and breathe their neck while they work. Well, today wishes come … Continue reading

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