What is the biggest way people waste money? (/r/AskReddit)

Reddit is an enormous, influential website which is truly a vast panorama of human experience.*  Today, a user asked “What is the biggest way people waste money?”  I think these are some of the best answers:**

  1. “Something I’m guilty of: eating out too often, both at work and at home. Making your own food is much cheaper and, often, much healthier.” – evilstickman
  2. “3rd party ATM fees” – atomtom65
  3. “Textbooks. I pay hundreds of dollars and some I’ve opened maybe 4 times.” – cmjohnson7799
  4. “Weddings.  I can’t understand how people (who aren’t rich) will spend 15k+ on one day. ” – lemmingparty
  5. “Interest. On anything. Credit cards, loans, whatever. Pay it back as soon as you can.” – AngryB3ar
  6. “If this hasn’t been said yet, Consumer Electronics. You guys have no idea how badly everyone is being gouged on cables, and accessories.” – Neocataboi
  7. “Long time smoker here, nearly 2 packs a day of American spirit organic lights. $6.41 per pack, 2 packs a day X 365 days a year =$4,679.3 every…single…year. Ten years of smoking at this rate=$46,794. If I never started smoking I could have a decent house paid off in full. I’m smoking a cigarette as I type this.” – Napalm_Heart77
  8. “Coke and soft drinks in general. At least 2 dollars at every restaurant and much more for big cases of them. It adds up to be a problem on the wallet and the pancreas.” – jamalegbaria
  9. “Confusing “want” with “need”. You need nutritious food, potable water, shelter, clothing, physical activity and social interaction. Maybe medication. That’s pretty much it. Nobody “needs” to go out for lunch, buy bottled water, wear designer clothes, smoke, have cable, join a gym etc. etc.” – Smitty20
  10. “A lot of people are talking about items that people waste money on, but another way people burn money is NOT BUDGETING” – jlederluis

* Honestly? It’s more of a hive of scum and villainy than a vast panorama of human experience; but it’s a more literate hive of scum and villainy than Facebook or YouTube.

**  Also, I’m not linking because Reddit is the last site you’ll ever visit.  It’s worse than TVTropes.  I don’t want to be responsible for your internet addiction.

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