EXCLUSIVE: Jamie Dimon’s Recommended Reading List

So, I was in New York a few weeks ago, at JPMorgan Asset Management for their Wealth Management Summit.  As it so happened, Jamie Dimon was our keynote speaker at the conference.  Yes, that Jamie Dimon.  He chose to take questions from the audience, so I got to ask a question.  Awesome!

Mr. Dimon mentioned, in his talk, that he read a lot.  So, I asked him what he read, and what he thought advisors should read.  I really put him on the spot with that one, so I felt a little like a jerk (I wouldn’t have a ready-to-go, top-of-mind reading list either, and I also read all the time.)  It turns out that he thought it was a good question – and he made a reading list!  I asked the good folks over at JPMorgan Asset Management if I could share it with you, and they said “yes.”  So, without further ado, I present to you Jamie Dimon’s Book List. Now, you can’t say I don’t get you anything nice. 😉

P.S. – Cindy (you know, the person in charge around here) just came back from a trip where she visited with her study group, Capstone Study Group.  As it turns out, one of her colleagues was also at the JPMorgan Wealth Management Summit, and he wanted to share Jamie Dimon’s Book List with the group.  He was a little surprised to hear that it was I who asked the question!  What a coincidence!


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  1. Mike Baum says:

    Ask Jamey why his bank lost over $52 Billion in 2008 and took Tarp money of $35B paid his management team $59 Million in bonuses from that invested the money and never lent it to the public to get the economy moving. He still to date has not paid the money back and no one knows where the $35B went. He is such a nice guy…and a thief.

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