Smart Phone Savings Trick

So, my current smart phone is getting ready to give up the ghost.  The camera’s broken, and it won’t turn on without a battery pull.  Plus, it’s a BlackBerry, which means that it will probably brick* itself soon.  That means I’m shopping for a phone.

I’ve already decided that I’m going with a phone that uses the Android operating system.  It’s an open source operating system (which I prefer), has a mature app market, and looks really fast and handy.  I also have a lot of phones which will run android to choose from.  Being a financial planner and all around tightwad, I’m hesitant to plunk down money to buy a phone retail.**  So, I started shopping around, and I found a neat way to get a decent phone on the cheap.

New phones are like new cars, in that they depreciate quickly right after you buy them.  That’s why I’m buying a phone that’s a few years old, but is still new form the box.  My hope is that I’ll have the long useful life of a new phone, but the lower cost of something that’s cheaper because it’s behind the curve.  It’s no guarantee of a good deal, but I think it’s a reasonable plan to get a decent overall value, over time.

Do you have an awesome smart phone savings trick?  Share in the comments!

* BlackBerry phones are widely known for failing such a way that the phone is unrecoverable, thus turning a multi-hundred-dollar smart phone into a little plastic brick.  And RIM wonders why people don’t buy their phones.

** I’m not upgrading, because upgrading would cost me my unlimited data plan, and I won’t have that.


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  1. Wade says:

    Coincidentally I’m looking into this topic as well these days. I’m trying to figure out what the downsides are for the Walmart / Straight Talk system that provides data plans for about 1/2 the price of anyone else, given that you pay full price for the phone. Have you heard of this?

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