I Am Loving On Career Planning,

Just loving on it.

Let’s think about personal finance for a moment,* through the lens of the accounting model.  You bring in a paycheck – that’s your gross income.  You spend money (your expenses) and you end up with a net income every month.  Hopefully your net income is consistently large and positive.  You take your net income, and if it is positive; add to your assets  on your balance sheet, or reduce your liabilities.  If your net income is negative, then you’re making your liabilities larger, or reducing your assets.

So, wouldn’t you agree that making sure your paycheck is large enough to create a big, positive gap between your income and your expenses would be a good thing?  I thought so.

I think a career plan is a great step in the income-increasing direction.  For most families, the wages they earn is the greatest source of income they will ever have.  Doesn’t it make sense to think about your career in terms of both increasing your income and enjoyment in life?

The only problem I have with most career plans is that they’re non-strategic and don’t address a couple of critical development areas.  You’re going to see a few more posts from me about your strategic career plan in the near future (as tax preparation permits), so don’t forget to add our RSS feed to your feed reader to get updates.

* Because we do it so rarely around here. 🙂

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