Furnish Your Home Cheaply

Do you have the same problem I have – more apartment than stuff?  Do you want to fill it with somewhat inexpensive things of reasonable quality?  Are you disinclined to be squeamish about using a dead person’s stuff?* Then maybe shopping at estate sales are for you.

So, I’ve been shopping around at estate sales this past year, and I’ve been very pleased with both the quality and price of  what I’ve bought.  Unfortunately, estate sales can be tough to find.  Happily, I’ve found an eNewsletter that rounds up estate sales in the Little Rock and outlying areas called “Ashley’s Finds.”

Every week they send out a multi-page list of upcoming estate sales and auctions, where you might be able to find good deals on household goods and antiques.  You can sign up for free on their website, ashleysfinds.com.  I’m not compensated in any way for writing about them, it’s just a service I use that use and think you may like.

* Here’s the way I see it:  These things wouldn’t be at an estate sale unless someone wanted to sell it.  I’m not plundering their household or taking advantage of someone’s misfortune, I’m helping them turn their unwanted possessions into money.  Also, I’ve been using an awesome little egg slicer I got from an estate sale for the last few months, and had 0% hauntings or poltergeist activity, so it’s probably ok.

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