I Think I Just Got Trolled By a Bank

So, I’m not going to name names here, but the other day I heard a radio spot for a local Little Rock bank.  The radio ad is meant to encourage listeners to refinance their homes with the local bank.  Here’s my hasty, incomplete, and sloppy paraphrasing of their ad, accompanied by the relevant “rage faces.”* A play in three parts:

Part 1: The Ad (Paraphrased)

Rage Face - Troll with MonocleHey there!  Would you like to refinance your home to take out equity that you can spend on a new car or vacation?  You’d be the envy of your neighbors for your financial acumen!  Call now!

Part 2: Listener Response (Abridged)

Rage Face - Angy No

Part 3: Listener Response (Unabridged)

What!?!Are you kidding me?  this is the very thing that contributed to that thing that just happened… what was it… oh yeah – the Recession!  Do you want to make more crummy loans?  Who owns a home and has a memory that doesn’t exceed three-and-a-half to four years?

Seriously. Who thought this was a good marketing idea?  Did anyone think about how this might be received by the listening public?  Let’s explore this a bit.  Travel with me to the past, by the power of glissando.

Chromatisch Glissando detail from glissando.jpg by Tjako van Schie at nl.wikipedia used under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Generic license

♪ ♫ Glissando! The official theme song of time travel! ♫ ♪

We appear int he murky, half-remembered dawn of human history – the year 2008.  It’s the beginning of what would become a serious, prolonged recession in the U.S.  Subsequent analyses would blame too much poor-quality lending on houses as one of the causes of the recession.  This is not a secret.

So, seeing that a tremendous chunk of the American public was recently economically traumatized by crummy lending, and seeing that imploring someone to refinance their home so that they can use it as an ATM is seen as a tremendously irresponsible purpose to make a loan; do you (TrollBank) really think this ad will endear you to the public?

You know, you could just paraphrase your ad to say something along the lines of: “Hey!  We’ll make loans to idiots – just like in 2008!  More recessions for everyone!”

Dark Stare

Not Cool, TrollBank.  Not cool.

*This link may contain naughtiness and inappropriate behavior for the professional environment.  Have fun.

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