“American Greed” on Hulu

So, I found a CNBC show on Hulu.com called “American Greed.”  It’s a fascinating true-crime show about major recent white-collar crimes.  It covers crimes from multi-million dollar art thefts to a pharmacist that diluted cancer drugs.*  However, most of the episodes cover some of the biggest scams in the last few decades.

I suggest you go over and take a look when you have some time.  They’re some very interesting episodes.

One of the takeaways that hit me from a few of the episodes is how successfully some of these con men strip investors of their money.  Some of the pretend investment gurus aren’t even registered with the SEC.  It’s sad, because even the most simple steps to check the background of some of these people would’ve exposed their scams.

Let me be clear – I’m not blaming the victims.  All the blame for these scams should lie on the shoulders of their perpetrators.  What I am saying is that we should learn from their bad experiences, and use them as cautionary tales.  Then we might be able to avoid their outcomes in our own life.

* What an utter scumbag.  Utter.  Scumbag.

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