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Suddenly Europe Makes More Sense…

A great metaphor for the EuroCrisis.  I love Spain in this.  Who’s your favorite?

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9 Year Mortgage – Some Thoughts

So, the other weekend I was bopping along to the radio while cleaning my house.  A commercial came on for something called “9 Year Mortgage.”  My planner antenna went up as I thought, “Sounds a little scammy, but I’ll check … Continue reading

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Can We Stop With The “You Need A Million Dollars” Thing?

Something I overhear here and there is that you need a million dollars to retire. Can we stop with that? Estimating the size of the nest egg you need to retire is highly contingent on your risk tolerance, projected returns, … Continue reading

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“American Greed” on Hulu

So, I found a CNBC show on called “American Greed.”  It’s a fascinating true-crime show about major recent white-collar crimes.  It covers crimes from multi-million dollar art thefts to a pharmacist that diluted cancer drugs.*  However, most of the … Continue reading

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