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One Way Personal Finance Advice Ends Up Going Bad: Part 1

The free personal finance tips market is glutted.  Not only do you have this fine blog, but there are, literally, thousands upon thousands of articles,  and hundreds of books, radio shows, and TV shows on personal finance.  And, in a … Continue reading

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Collecting as an Investment – Some Thoughts

Lots of us have collections.  Something catches our fancy, and we get the “bug.”  Collecting is a fun and rewarding hobby, but it can get out of hand in a flash.  Here are a few thoughts on managing a collection, … Continue reading

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Survey of Consumer Finances: Net Worth

Tell me I’m not the only one around here who’s totally stoked that the Survey of Consumer Finances came out!  You’re not?  I asked you not to tell me that!* The Survey of Consumer Finances is a “triennial interview survey … Continue reading

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So, What’s In Your Mutual Fund?

Did you ever get one of those boxes of chocolates that has a sample of all different kinds of chocolate?  You’ve got your truffle, you got your cherry, you got your coconut, you got your hazelnut… then you take a … Continue reading

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Video: “The Crash of 1929”

PBS Video has a really interesting episode of American Experience available online (until Nov 10, 2013) entitled “The Crash of 1929.”  It’s a history of the year leading up to the great stock market crash of 1929, and its immediate … Continue reading

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Thinking About Old Age and Money

Have you ever taken the time to think about what it will be like when you’re old?  I’m not talking about the technical advances of social changes, but the physical reality.  One day, we will either all be old or … Continue reading

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