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Ask An Advisor: Which Credit Card Is Best?

Dear Abigail, My daughter plans to apply for a credit card.  Which one should she get? – Client Dear Client, Good question!  There are thousands of varieties of credit card available in a rainbow of colors and “metals” (even platinum!)  … Continue reading

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Getting Ready for Elder Care

In financial planning, you hear a lot about retirement or college,but you don’t hear as much about elder care concerns.  NPR has a great special series on Morning Edition about elder care, and I suggest you take a look at … Continue reading

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Internet and Email Down

Hey Team Awesome – our internet is down and has been for a couple of days.  We won’t be able to get your emails, and work has slowed to a crawl.  I have limited internet at the moment, but I … Continue reading

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Savings Rate Increasing, But I Don’t Think It’s High Enough

According to Reuters, the U.S. savings rate has increased to 3.8%.  That’s nice,* but I’d like to see it higher.  Here’s why. It’s a well-known trope that financial planners love it when people save money.  Usually, when you hear standard … Continue reading

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