Caught in Catch-22

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The cited article is making face-palming tentacled death-baby cry.

From via Yahoo! Finance, “I Have Jobs, but No One Wants Them” by Kitt Walsh:*

Many fail our background checks

Owner: Jim Angleton
Company: AEGIS FinServe Corp.
Location: Miami
Annual revenue: $1.9 million

Aegis provides U.S. government agencies with financial services, such as payroll. We are experiencing difficulty hiring qualified people who have Department of Defense secret clearance and financial expertise.

If a criminal record, psychological issue, poor credit or other problem, comes up, a candidate could be disqualified. Aegis then eats the due diligence costs….[emphasis mine]

Ah, the circular logic of unemployment in certain industries.  You work in the financial services (or security or other, similar) industry, which requires an excellent credit record.  Unfortunately, you were unemployed due to the recession, and were unable to pay the bills.  If you were employed, you could easily afford to pay your bills, but you can’t get a job in your career because you have a sullied credit report.  So, since you don’t have a job, you can’t pay your bills, which mangles your credit history further, which makes it harder for you to get a job…

It’s so, so silly.

There’s only two ways I know of to prevent this from happening:


  1. Don’t owe people money.  That way your credit history is empty, and thus cannot be blemished.  Of course, this isn’t the world’s most practical solution, so I have another, which is…
  2. Don’t ever experience extended unemployment.  Oh, wait, this isn’t very helpful either, is it?


  1. Will explaining your situation help?  Probably not, but it might be worth try.
  2. Alright, if you can’t get a job doing your profession, can you get a job that will pay you enough to let you pay your bills and get your finances back on track?  A stop-gap measure may work out.
  3. Stop weeping, puffy eyes won’t help you get a job…

So, I don’t really have a magic-solve-everything answer for this one.  Do you have any ideas?  Let me know in the comments

* Every so often, I run across articles that are almost offensively stupid.  This is one of them.  Even Yahoo! article comments sound smart by comparison, which is saying something.**

** Yahoo! is renowned for having some of the stupidest comments on the internet.  Feel free to perform your own research.

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