How to Learn About Investing In Real Estate

You’ve probably seem the infomercials late at night that sell the real estate investing courses.  ‘Look how I parlayed 25¢ and a plucky attitude into a ten million dollar fortune, and you can too!  Just put your money in real estate, which is the safest investment ever since ever, and watch as the rent checks come rolling in.  It’s so easy!’*

So you may wonder to yourself, hey, how would I go about learning more about investing in real estate?  I could buy a home study course for a few hundred dollars, or go to some two-day seminars for a couple thousand dollars, or even buy some one-on-one coaching for around ten thousand dollars.  I kid you not.

Did you know that there are scads of people learning about real estate every day?  They go to training courses on becoming a real estate agent or get major in finance with an emphasis in real estate.  They learn about real estate by working in the industry and getting a professional education.  They probably don’t use infomercial study courses or over priced weekend seminars.

Overpriced?  Compare the cost of these seminars to the cost of attending college.  I expect to get my MBA for less out-of-pocket than one of these coaching programs plus one weekend seminar.  Seriously.

So, instead of buying an “aftermarket” education, consider getting the formal training that professionals in the industry receive.  That way you will get a strong, legitimate background in real estate, and avoid falling prey to people who wan to blow smoke and sell you courses.

*  I’m being facetious and hyperbolic, but, come on, you’ve seen these things.  Is it really that inaccurate?

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