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Watch Donald Duck File His 1941 and 1943 Tax Returns

With the help of an anthropomorphic fountain pen, ink well, and (I kid you not) blotter, you can watch Donald Duck file his 1941 income tax, and more interestingly, find out why he is paying his income taxes.  Spoiler alert: … Continue reading

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Not Everyone Should Own a Home, and That’s OK.

There comes a time in every adult’s life when the urge to buy a home comes along.  Maybe friends are buying their first houses, or your elders are telling you how important it is to build up equity, or maybe … Continue reading

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Skeptic’s Guide to Investment: Astrology Edition

Investing is a huge deal, and I really don’t discuss it as much on this blog as I should.*  For many people, their life savings will be invested in various financial products like stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and the like.  … Continue reading

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Have You Thought About What Happens After You Die?

I’m not talking about what happens after you die in the spiritual/afterlife sense, but the practical sense of winding down your affairs.  Here are some points to consider: Do you heirs know where you keep you keys, or have a … Continue reading

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How to Learn About Investing In Real Estate

You’ve probably seem the infomercials late at night that sell the real estate investing courses.  ‘Look how I parlayed 25¢ and a plucky attitude into a ten million dollar fortune, and you can too!  Just put your money in real … Continue reading

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Pulling Up Orchards

Alright, it’s metaphor time.  Imagine that you’re a farmer who is starting an orchard.  Now, orchards take several years to mature into full fruit production.  So, you start work on your orchard, but a year in, you have a financial … Continue reading

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Some High Income Toronto Residents Apalled That, After Spending All Their Income, There Isn’t Much Left Over

In a virtuoso display of real-life trolling by Toronto Life magazine, essayist Jonathan Kay bemoans that earning the top 1% of income in Toronto (according to the article, $10,400 per month after taxes) doesn’t make one rich, it makes one … Continue reading

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When Is Homeownership Like Playing In The Road?

So, I skimmed “The Single Woman’s Guide To Real Estate” by Donna Raskin this weekend, because, hey, I’m a single woman, and I’m interested in real estate.  Funny thing, though; the book was written in 2006.  Do you know what … Continue reading

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Get Your Financial Concern On

I stumbled across a couple Dateline NBC programs on YouTube that you may be interested in.  The first is about credit card debt and the second is about mortgage fraud.  I don’t really have time to blog today, so I … Continue reading

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March Motivation – Perfection: The Enemy of Success

It’s that time of year again.  The time of year when the after holiday rush at the gym peters out.  The time of the year when the best laid plans in January get crowded out by all the urgent, important … Continue reading

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