A Moment of Perspective

Detail of "Rice plant museum in Seiyo city" by As6673 via Wikimedia Commons


“The use of money is all the advantage there is in having it.”

– Benjamin Franklin

It’s easy, when you concentrate on measuring, acquiring, and protecting money to forget that it’s a medium of exchange.  The only value money has is that it is readily exchangeable for goods and services.

For many people, money represents emotions; such as love and safety.  Sure, having ready cash can easily solve quite a few problems and buy a reasonable facsimile of love, but unless your problem is the lack of money, more money won’t solve the problem.  Let me say that again:

Unless your problem is lack of money, more money won’t solve your problem.

Yet, how often do we look to money to solve our problems?  Are we too fat?  If we just had more money, we could hire a dietician and personal trainer, then we’d be svelte and beautiful.  This is forgetting that there are plenty of ways to lose weight on a budget, or work out on the cheap.  After all, why go through the hard work of finding a weight loss method that works for you and then follow it, when you can simply blame your weight problem on not having enough money?

Money isn’t the problem, so don’t blame your problem on lack of money.  Because, if you do, you not only have made developing a solution contingent on getting more money, you also cut yourself off from other possible solutions that don’t involve money.

Money is just a tool for storing and exchanging value.  It’s a great tool for what it does, but it’s not going to solve all your problems.  Instead of looking to money as a savior, see it for the tool it is.

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