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What Is Balance Sheet Repair?

The latest and greatest fad in personal finance is “balance sheet repair.”  So, what is balance sheet repair, and does your balance sheet need to be repaired? First, what is “balance sheet repair?”  It’s one of those delightful phrases you … Continue reading

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Overcoming Unreasonable Financial Expectations

Do you find that some days it just feels like everyone is richer than you?  Read this, and feel better about your financial life. This morning I got a text from my sister that reminded me that being a financial … Continue reading

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An Adventurous Palate Can Give You Easy Grocery Savings

Does healthy eating make your both your physique and wallet lighter?  If you’ve got an adventurous spirit and want to save a few bucks on filling your stomach, have I two simple tips for you:  take a look at your … Continue reading

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What Does The Lottery Really Cost?

I’ve met more than one person, in my time, who has a lotto habit.  Now, I’m not going to knock playing the lottery every once in a while, since it’s cheap thrills; but I do want to show what it … Continue reading

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‘Boots’ Theory of Socioeconomic Unfairness

“The reason that the rich were so rich, Vimes reasoned, was because they managed to spend less money. Take boots, for example. He earned thirty-eight dollars a month plus allowances. A really good pair of leather boots cost fifty dollars. … Continue reading

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When Is a Steal Not a Deal?

The sickly real estate market and tremendously low mortgage rates have coupled to make houses particularly affordable, at least compared to previous housing prices and rates.  At least, that’s what the article “Home buying: Most affordable in decades” by … Continue reading

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You May Have More Than You Think – Renter’s Insurance

“Why would I NEED renter’s insurance? I don’t own anything of value,” says the person who never added up the value of their stuff. Have you ever stopped to add up the value of your personal possessions?  You may own … Continue reading

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A Moment of Perspective

“The use of money is all the advantage there is in having it.” – Benjamin Franklin It’s easy, when you concentrate on measuring, acquiring, and protecting money to forget that it’s a medium of exchange.  The only value money has … Continue reading

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Commoditizing Health Insurance – Putting the “Fun” in Fungible

Here’s a 25¢ word for today: fungible.  Fungibility means that one thing can be exchanged for another.  It’s an important economic concept and is critically necessary for the functioning of our economy, but you don’t hear too much about it.  … Continue reading

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Financial Literacy Quiz

Test your financial literacy!  Are you smarter than most middle-age Americans when it comes to money?  Find out! Part 1 – Basic Financial Literacy Suppose you had $100 in a savings account and the interest rate was 2% per year. … Continue reading

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Tracking Income and Expenses for Simple Self-Employment

So, you want to start your own small business, or you want to be self-employed.  But, how do you plan to track you income, expenses and mileage?  Let’s keep it simple.  First, figure out what you want to track.  I … Continue reading

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If You Die, Do Your Heirs Know Where To Find Your Estate Documents?

So, you go to all this trouble to make an estate plan.  You make sure your assets are titled properly, and there are the appropriate beneficiary designation forms are filed with your accounts.  You put together your will, trust (if … Continue reading

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Looking for a Job Isn’t a Full Time Job – But Self-Promotion Is

Good news!  Unemployment has dropped to a three-year low of 8.3%.  That means the economy’s all better now, right?  Right? As it turns out, there are still some folks out there languishing in unemployment.  Since there simply aren’t enough jobs … Continue reading

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Real Estate Investing – What’s the Real Story?

Every time I hear someone talk about real estate, I get either one of two stories.  The first story is that “real estate is a great way to invest!  You can use other people’s money to make yourself rich through … Continue reading

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Medieval Self-Improvement

The search for self-improvement appears to be an eternal one.  Here are a couple of excerpts from a medieval book of poetry (originally in Latin) titled Book of Emblems by Andrea Alciato.  Originally written in 1531, with many subsequent editions, … Continue reading

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