Why Wait?

It’s resolutions season again, and I hope you have a few goals for this year.  (I do!)

It’s customary to start New Year’s Resolutions on the first of January, but I encourage you to start immediately.  Why wait?  I’ve been working on one of my New Year’s resolutions since November.

Since one of the more popular goals is to get out of debt and save money, here’s a blog round-up of some posts that will help you with your goals:

  1. Pragmatic Goal Setting:  Set reasonable, achievable goals by avoiding some common pitfalls.
  2. How To Pay Down Your Debt as Quickly as Possible:  Just what it says.
  3. How to Make a Debt Snowball:  Because paying off debt is fun when it’s fast!
  4. The Ultimate Guide To Saving Money:  Paid off your debt?  Now figure out how to save money!

This should be enough to get you started on the most popular financial New Year’s resolutions.

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