Moving To A Retirement Facility

So, the time has come when you are going to move your aged loved one into an assisted living or retirement facility.  The only problem?  Grandma/Grandpa thinks they can do the move themselves.  Of course, they can’t.  It’s also a huge job for the family to move a person from their home of many years to a smaller assisted living facility.

Let me suggest that you hire professionals.

I have seen professional senior move organizers have a client wake up from their bed in their old home to going to bed in their new home.  Usually a senior mover can coordinate with organizers, movers, and the facility to get the client in to a new home in one day.

There’s a National Association of Senior Move Mangers, and I highly suggest you consider their services for moving older relatives.  I’ve seen a Senior Move Manager in action before, and I have been impressed.

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