To All Those Playing “The Mortgage Form” Game At Home…

You’ve been playing along in the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau‘s Know Before You Owe program, right?  Well, I’m on their email list, and I got an important message from the CFPB for all those who participated in choosing the forms:

Last Monday, we asked you to continue to help us improve mortgage disclosures by using our draft form to compare two loans. We’re following up to ask that if you responded before Saturday, you visit the site one more time to resubmit your comments.

We’ve realized that a programming bug prevented us from capturing data on questions two and three. We were able to fix the problem Friday afternoon, so there’s no need to revisit the site if you responded over the weekend.

For people who responded early in the week, we do have your loan choices and answers to the first question. But we wanted to keep the tool open until 5 p.m. Friday, September 23, to provide an opportunity to respond to the last two questions.

Your feedback, along with in-person user testing, helps us as we develop clear and effective mortgage forms. Thanks again for your comments and suggestions.

You’re welcome, CFPB, you’re welcome.

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