Guide To Finding Quick Lost Money

Oh no!  You need quick money, but where can you find it?  Here are some places to look around for a few bucks:

  • Shoe boxes: Do you have some savings bonds still lingering around?  Check your closet and shoe boxes.  You may be able to redeem them for cash money!  Find out more at
  • State’s Unclaimed Office:  Check your state’s unclaimed money office for old paychecks, utility deposits, and bank accounts.
  • Pockets:  When the seasons change and you put your winter coats away, check those pockets.  There may be some money in there.
  • Couch cushions:  It’s the traditional money searching spot because it’s so successful.
  • Books:  Dollars make great bookmarks.  So you have some money holding a page when a slip of paper would do?
  • Behind the furniture:  Coins love rolling behind the heaviest piece of furniture you have.
  • The Junk Drawer:  Money likes to nest in junk drawers.

That should keep you busy for a while.  Now, go find your money!

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