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I Make My Own Bi-Weekly Mortages At Home

I’ve been on a mortgage kick, lately, and something in the post about customizing your mortgage jogged my memory.  Have you ever heard of the bi-weekly mortgage?  If you have, it was probably introduced to you in a breathless and … Continue reading

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A Surprising Credit Card Risk Almost Nobody Knows About

Do you remember “universal default?”  Prior to the Credit CARD Act of 2009, there was a nasty clause in most credit card agreements that, in effect, gave the credit card lender the ability to raise the interest rate on what … Continue reading

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Trick To Make a Flexible, Customized Mortgage

Alright, I enjoy a good, 30 year fixed rate mortgage as much as anybody.  But, what if you want to have a shorter mortgage to hit a goal?  Let’s say that you wanted to have your home paid off in … Continue reading

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Unemployment Myths

So, I had the misfortune of attending a Rotary meeting today and hearing a speaker from the Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce talk about the wonders they perform for the business community.  I mean, the misfortune was having to hear … Continue reading

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Mid-Life Rumspringa?

According to an article on and a Department of Justice news release, an Amish man is accused of defrauding nearly 2,700 investors of more than $16.8 million. “This is fraud on a massive scale,” said Steven M. Dettelbach, United … Continue reading

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To All Those Playing “The Mortgage Form” Game At Home…

You’ve been playing along in the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau‘s Know Before You Owe program, right?  Well, I’m on their email list, and I got an important message from the CFPB for all those who participated in choosing the forms: … Continue reading

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Are You Trageting The Maximum, and Is That Enough?

It’s an old negotiation adage: the first person to speak, loses.  Once a number is stated, the negotiation is anchored and then haggling moves from there.  You may have noticed it in your own life.  Once someone says a number, … Continue reading

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Savings Spree Friday!

Friday’s here so let’s do something fun this weekend – let’s have a savings spree!  Instead of shopping for entertainment this weekend, find activities that are both free (or very low-cost) and fun.  Do something active and bragworthy, and let … Continue reading

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Personal Finance Book Selection Tips

There are a lot of personal finance books out there, but how do you find a good one in a sea of tripe?  Allow me to share a few of my selection techniques with you. Is the book itself ugly?  … Continue reading

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Can You Pick The Best Loan?

I’ve been participating in the “Know Before You Owe” program at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau for quite some time.  It looks like they’ve gotten to nearly a final draft of mortgage disclosure forms, and they need our help to … Continue reading

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Your Grandpa’s Three-Legged Stool, Your Dad’s Two-Legged Stool And Perhaps Your One-Legged Stool

Have you heard of the Three-Legged Stool?  It’s a metaphor financial planners and educators have used to describe retirement.  The idea is that, to have a stable retirement, you need to have a three-legged stool.  The legs are Social Security, … Continue reading

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You Mean Platinum Cards Were Once Exclusive?

I’m not the only one phoning in an article today.  It looks like SmartMoney has published a new financial insight straight from 1998 in their article Now, Gold Cards for Everyone.  Ms. Grant writes: “An invitation to join the ranks … Continue reading

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Compound Interest Is Not Magic

You know how compound interest works and you’ve learned not to compound to crazy land, so you might enjoy this comic from XKCD:

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Guide To Finding Quick Lost Money

Oh no!  You need quick money, but where can you find it?  Here are some places to look around for a few bucks: Shoe boxes: Do you have some savings bonds still lingering around?  Check your closet and shoe boxes.  … Continue reading

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Well, It’s Good To Know I’m Not Alone

The other day I wrote an admittedly strident screed about a recent post by Dan Ariley’s, New York Times Bestselling author and alleged “researcher,” post on the value of financial advising.  In summary, I was not too happy with Dan … Continue reading

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