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Credit Score v. Credit Report

Alright, I sense some confusion between credit scores and credit reports, so let’s clear it up. Clarity matters, because not knowing the difference between you credit report and your credit score will only lead to massive confusion.  And confusion leads … Continue reading

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Are Advertisements a Fair Fight?

I want you to envision a field.  There are two teams lining up. On one side is the Corporate Team. The Corporate Team has a top quality line up.  They have a bevy of product and packaging designers that have … Continue reading

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Good Citizenship Opportunity!

That’s right, there’s another excellent opportunity to have your voice heard in government!  The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has just released its next round of forms for your perusal and comment.  Take a moment to make your federal government regulation … Continue reading

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Moving Up to Middle Class: Being Banked

The middle class spends differently than the working class and the poor.  This series, “Moving Up to Middle Class,” highlights the financial choices that differ between the middle class and the lower classes, as a guide to the upwardly mobile … Continue reading

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Welcome UALR Students!

I’m glad to have you here.  You should’ve all received an email requesting feedback, and a copy of the handouts in PDF form.  If you didn’t receive it, send me an email so I can send it again. For those … Continue reading

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Liquidity Matters

So I’ve been thinking about the standard financial planning advice given to lay people.  One of the most common and often repeated pieces of advice is about where to invest for retirement.  Here’s how it usually goes: Financial Planning Show … Continue reading

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My One Best Tip to Avoid Affinity Fraud

Have you ever heard of affinity fraud?  It’s a scam that exploits the trust and friendship that exist in groups of people who have something in common, an affinity. The SEC has a webpage devoted to alerting investors to affinity … Continue reading

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myFICO®: The Importance of Reading Fine Print

So, I’ve been working on a few posts about credit scores, and I though I would go see if there’s a good source for the official FICO score on the internet.  So, how do I start research?  With Google.  Here’s … Continue reading

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Escape the Bleak Road

In the last post, It’s a Bleak Road At Retirement If You Make Less Than Average Wages, we looked at odds of a successful retirement in relation to income and retirement age.  It doesn’t look good for the majority of income … Continue reading

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It’s a Bleak Road At Retirement If You Make Less Than Average Wages

The Employee Benefit Research Institute has graced us with another densely written and cripplingly depressing analysis* of the working person’s retirement outlook, and the best way I can think to describe it is: bleak. Let’s take a look at one … Continue reading

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Tips for a High-Octane Job Search: Part 2

In the previous post, Tips for a High Octane Job Search: Part 1, we discussed how to spend less time to greater effect on your cover letter and resume.  Now we’ll take a look at the job application process. Apply … Continue reading

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Tips for a High-Octane Job Search: Part 1

In my previous post, I gave some suggestions for someone who just lost their job.  While developing the post, I mentioned some tips I used for finding a new job quickly, and thought I’d share them with you.  Part one … Continue reading

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In Case of Job Loss, Break Here

Let’s face it, one of the big risks of being a young person or recent in this economy is the risk of job loss or the inability to get a job.  As of May 2011, the Bureau of Labor Statistics … Continue reading

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100th Post!

That’s right – one hundred USDA Prime blog posts served piping hot or chilled to perfection.  Let’s take a moment for a retrospective of some of the best posts: Exploding Straightirons and Property Insurance: Not only the first blog post, but … Continue reading

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Gambler’s Fallacy and Investing

Let’s flip a coin.* First flip: heads.  Second flip, also heads.  Then heads, heads, heads, heads and heads. If  you’re most people, you’re probably thinking, “Tails are due!  There’s gotta be a tails on the next flip!”  Or you could be … Continue reading

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