Here’s Your Tax Receipt

 Well, tax season’s getting all wrapped up.  Now that you’ve taken care of your tax return and paid the tax due or gotten your refund, let’s take a moment to see where our money went at’s tax receipt calculator.

I love this thing.  It shows what is spent where in a tremendously approachable format.  Since budget battles have been in the news lately, it’s timely to exactly how much of your taxes the foot soldiers on either side have been fighting for.  It’s funny to think of all the talking heads bickering over something that amounts to my personal expense of about three bucks per year.*  Would you like to take a peek at where your money goes?  All you need is a copy of your W-2(s) for your FICA and Medicare tax paid in, and a copy of your tax return (also for payroll taxes, if you’re self-employed, as well as the total paid in income tax.)  Since you just had your taxes done, the numbers should be somewhat handy.

Have fun – let me know how it goes!

*  Obviously, people who pay more tax will have more grounds for outrage.  If that’s how you lean, more power to you.

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