Let Me Show You How To Stop Unwanted Credit Card Offers Forever

Discover® is getting a little pushy.  They sent me another solicitation (to add to my other solicitation, I suppose.)  I’m not a fan of pre-approved credit card offers in the mail, so I’m going to show you how I plan to stop all pre-approved credit card offers forever.*

Internet Permanent Opt-Out

  1. Got to optoutprescreen.com
  2. Click the “Click Here to Opt-In or Opt-Out” button
  3. Read the Instructions.  Choose Permanent Opt-Out by Mail.
  4. Read the Instructions.  Fill out the form and click Continue.
  5. Print out your confirmation.  I found that when I clicked the “click here to print” link, it only printed the first page of the site.  Make sure you print the Election Form, too.  It’s on the second printed page of the same web page.  You have to send in this form to make your Permanent Opt-Out permanent.  If you don’t send the form in time, your opt-out will only be a five-year opt-out.  Again, make sure you read the instructions.
  6. Sign and send in your Permanent Opt-Out form to the address on the form letter.  You can send it two ways.  First, if you send it by First-Class Mail, in which case you have no proof that the letter you sent was ever received.  Secondly, you could send it Certified Mail Return Receipt requested.  In most other situations that deal with credit reports, I would use the second option.  However, in this situation, I suggest only the First-Class Mail.  To my eyes, it’s not a world-ender if your Permanent Opt-Out Form doesn’t make it, since you’re still opted-out for five years.
  7. Done!  Feel satisfied.

 Don't forget to send this form in!

*  Important: This will only opt you out of the credit reporting agencies (Experian, TransUnion, Equifax, Innovis) lists for Firm Offers for credit and insurance.  Get the details at optoutprescreen.com.

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