The Subtle Power of Simplicity

Zen painting and calligraphy on silk by Nakahara Nantenbo signed "Hachijūgo (85 year old) Nantembō Tōjū", 1923


Can you imagine dealing with 181 accounts?  How about 1,479 credit cards?  That’s how “Mr. Plastic Fantastic” holds the Guinness Book of World Record for most credit cards.  Of course, he only uses one credit card and pays it off at the end of the month.  Because he likes to keep things simple?

So why harp on simplicity?  It has to do with my previous post on the Power of Focus.


  • Allows you to limit the number of “moving parts” of your financial plan, which improves your focus.
  • Means that you’re unlikely to lose track of all those crucial details in your financial products.
  • Creates less worry, since there are fewer avenues for financial surprises or changes in terms.
  • Requires less effort to keep track of the documentation and fewer hours on paperwork.
  • Makes for fewer accounts, and that means fewer things are likely to go wrong.
  • While it’s grisly to think about, simplicity makes it easier for your estate to be settled, or for someone else to take over your affairs.

Can you think of a good reason for financial simplicity?

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