The Power of Focus

Do you remember learning how to swing a baseball bat?  I do.  Do you remember what you were told over and over?  “Keep your eye on the ball.”  Why were you told to keep your eye on the ball?  Because you go where you look.

What about learning how to drive?  Do you remember what your instructor told you to do?  “Keep your eye on the road.”  Why were you told to keep your eye on the road?  Because you go where you look.

Now let’s talk money and the average person.  They don’t have a plan.  They don’t really pay attention to the budget and the bills.  They kinda look at their retirement plan, sometimes.  Is it any surprise that their financial life is sloppy?  They’re not paying attention!

You go where you look.

Now imagine our average person starts to focus on their financial situation.  They get a grip on their paperwork.  They figure out their income statement and balance sheet, then put together a budget.  They track their transactions in a computer program.  They get focused on quickly paying off their debt or intensely saving money.  Do you think they’ll get their finances under control?  Do you think they’ll start creating a nest egg for themselves?  Why?  They got focused, and now they’re going to go where they look.

Now, imagine that they got a financial planner to help them create a long-term wealth-building plan.  The planner helps them get their investments under control and keeps a watchful eye on them.  The planner works on their taxes with tax saving strategies that integrate smoothly with their financial plan and investments.  Then the planner reviews their risk exposure and makes sure they get an up-to-date estate plan in place.  How about now?  Would you agree with me that our lackadaisical average person is now on their way to building some serious wealth?  And it all started with them paying attention.

Focus.  Because you go where you look.

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