Intermission: Guru Ratings

Toronto Real Estate Poster

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I’m working on the final push on tax season, so here’s a little something that will keep you occupied for a while.  It’s John T. Reed’s Guru Rating Page.*  Do you remember the post I made about quality sources of financial planning and investing information?  You should, it was just a few days ago!  One of the problems I mentioned with investing and financial planning books that are often sold is that they are only loosely grounded in reality, if they are grounded in reality at all.  The Guru Rating Page is John T. Reed’s opinions and analysis of the people who sell real estate investment information.  I think a lot of his analysis is well grounded, and his objections to various gurus and real estate investing strategies are worthwhile.

*  As always, when I send you along to other websites, it doesn’t mean I necessarily endorse that website, or agree with what it says.  It’s a site I thought was interesting, and that you might, too.

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