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Scandal in the Couponiverse?

Have you chanced upon TLC’s new show, “Extreme Couponing?”  In keeping with the television ethic of promoting the most radical and extreme aspects of life and culture, Extreme Couponing shows people purchasing and hoarding tremendous amounts of stuff they bought at ridiculously low prices. … Continue reading

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Creative Thrift

So, those of you “in the know” are aware that I’m paying off my student loan debt.  In order to send those big, fat checks to Sallie Mae; I have to not spend money on other things I would like … Continue reading

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Opinion on Infinite Banking/Bank on Yourself

I’ll be upfront, I’m very skeptical about this idea.  You can get more info about the concept from more than a few sources – I’m not going to link to them, you can google them yourself.*  I believe the gist of the idea … Continue reading

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Before Moving Up in Apartments, Consider This

So here’s the situation:  I live an apartment the size of a walk-in closet (400-something square feet.)  It’s my starter apartment, you know, the one that is super cheap so you can save up some money and pay down some … Continue reading

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Here’s Your Tax Receipt

 Well, tax season’s getting all wrapped up.  Now that you’ve taken care of your tax return and paid the tax due or gotten your refund, let’s take a moment to see where our money went at’s tax receipt calculator. I … Continue reading

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Let Me Show You How To Stop Unwanted Credit Card Offers Forever

Discover® is getting a little pushy.  They sent me another solicitation (to add to my other solicitation, I suppose.)  I’m not a fan of pre-approved credit card offers in the mail, so I’m going to show you how I plan … Continue reading

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Our Government at Work

What, you thought this would be a post whining about government incompetence?  Complaining about taxes?  Pheh.  How about guiding you to some nifty government services?  Sound good?  Let’s go. In a world of click, click, click, On Guard Online (a service … Continue reading

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More Wholesaler Goodies

In an earlier post, I mentioned that we financial planners get all sorts of goodies from our vendors.  Most of the time, these aren’t approved for sharing with clients, so we’re pretty careful about how they’re used.  Well, I had … Continue reading

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The Subtle Power of Simplicity

Can you imagine dealing with 181 accounts?  How about 1,479 credit cards?  That’s how “Mr. Plastic Fantastic” holds the Guinness Book of World Record for most credit cards.  Of course, he only uses one credit card and pays it off at the end … Continue reading

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The Power of Focus

Do you remember learning how to swing a baseball bat?  I do.  Do you remember what you were told over and over?  “Keep your eye on the ball.”  Why were you told to keep your eye on the ball?  Because … Continue reading

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The Folly of Crowds

A popular idea that is making rounds is the concept of the wisdom of crowds: that a “diverse collection of independently-deciding individuals is likely to make certain types of decisions and predictions better than individuals or even experts.”*  To have … Continue reading

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Intermission: Guru Ratings

I’m working on the final push on tax season, so here’s a little something that will keep you occupied for a while.  It’s John T. Reed’s Guru Rating Page.*  Do you remember the post I made about quality sources of … Continue reading

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Where To Get a Basic Education in Investing

So, I got an interesting email today.  The writer asked for a book recommendation so they could learn more about investing.  Well, I have a tough time recommending investing books.  Here are a few reasons: Some financial books are written to promote strategies that I think … Continue reading

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Intermission: Tulip Edition

Tulips?  No, it’s not an April Fool’s joke, nor is it an homage to springtime.* In the history of manias, the Tulip Mania of the Dutch Golden Age is perhaps the most famous.  The perennial reference for the story is … Continue reading

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