Out-of-State Moves to New Jobs

So, there’s a friend-of-the-firm is moving out-of-state for a new job.  Isn’t that great?  Here are a few tips we gave her for her out-of-state move:

  1. Before you take that job, make certain that you aren’t reducing your lifestyle.  Take changes in the cost of living into account.  You can visit CNNMoney.com’s cost of living calculator, which will compare the cost of living between two cities.  This is going to be critical for your salary negotiation.  There’s no point in moving if you’re not reasonably better off for it.
  2. Speaking of moving, don’t forget to calculate your moving costs before moving.  Get bids on your move and add them up.  Don’t forget things like storage and deposits.  Especially deposits.  They may be more that you’re used to in your new town.
  3. Finally, take the stress and loss of your social network into account.  In a new city you’ll be unfamiliar with the terrain and you’ll may not know where to shop for what you want.  It can also be a lonely experience until you get a new set of friends around you.  Be prepared, it’s a shock.

Nothing else came to my mind about out-of-state moves.  Please comment if you have something to add to the subject.

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