Oooh, the Shiny!

I’m a huge sucker for shiny things.  Now, I’m not talking about literal shiny things (although…  ok, I like literal shiny things, too.  But I’m not talking about that in this case.)  I’m talking about all the little distractions that find their way into our financial lives.

  • Points
  • Bonuses
  • Free with…
  • Extras
  • and so on.

These sort of things feed into my desire to get one up on the company offering the free, shiny thing.  Marketers know this, and they are the sworn enemy to frugal plans, both mine and yours.  So what do we do to avoid falling for their tricky tricks?

I avoid the shiny things.  Anything that adds complexity is a problem for me.  I make an effort to keep my finances as simple as I reasonably can.  Why?  Because simple finances are easy to focus on, and when your focused on something, it’s hard to get distracted by the shiny things.

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