Too Big To Fail

The book bills itself as a “brilliantly reported true-life thriller”.  Despite reading the whole book, I remain unthrilled.  That’s probably because a lengthy tome on the recent economic failure reads like a chronology or recent news stories rather than a thriller.

Tremendously detailed and dense, “Too Big To Fail” (by Andrew Ross Sorkin) is just a little too in-depth, yet superficial to enjoy.  How can that be?  It lavishes the reader with largely meaningless details, yet slicks over the analysis that the reader desperately needs to make sense of the recession.

I would only recommend this book as a litany of trivia to a portion of the recession, not the wide, analytical view I would’ve preferred.  Granted, the recession is tremendously complicated and still in action, with a multitude of moving parts.  And I think I could forgive him for failure in the attempt to cover the recession, but, in this case, he simply didn’t try.

So, it’s pretty disappointing, all in all.

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