Just When You Think You Have Your “Reputation” Under Control…

There’s another consumer report to look after.

I think it’s common knowledge that there are credit reports available that detail your borrowing habits.  Did you know there’s a report about your health, too?

It’s called the MIB Consumer File.  It’s used by insurance companies to check your application against their consumer record.  According to their consumer guide, “MIB’s primary purpose is to protect our Member companies from proposed insureds who knowingly or unknowingly omit information about their insurability on their applications.”  There’s more detail available at MIB’s Consumer Guide.

The MIB has a page with instructions on how to get a free annual copy of your report.  Before you call, though, be aware that if you haven’t “applied for individually underwritten life, health, or disability income insurance during the preceding seven year period”, then you may not have a record to look up.  You’ll also need to have identifying information handy, especially your current and recent addresses.  You can find the instructions to get started here.

I tried to order my own record.  I called several weeks ago, but I’ve yet to receive any response.  Sorry, I can’t tell you what’s on the report, but there’s an article on FoxBusiness.com that details the experience a writer had with her consumer report.

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