Credit Card Stolen!

Have you ever had your credit card stolen?  I have.

And it was no big deal.

Here’s the story:  a couple of years ago, I was moving to a new apartment.  During the move, my credit card disappeared.  I thought it was just packed away in some box, and that I would eventually find it.  Until I got the bill.  There were a bunch of unauthorized charges.  I called the credit card company immediately.  And by immediately I mean that the minute I opened my bill, saw my statement, and realized what happened, I called my credit card company.

Once I got a human from the fraud department (the hardest task of the whole scenario) and explained the situation to him, he let me know what I had to do.  The card I used had zero-liability fraud protection, so I wasn’t on the hook for any charges.  I just had to file a police report and they would take care fo the rest.

I called the dispatch of my local police precinct and they sent an officer to my house to take my statement.  I filed the report with him in about ten minutes, and got the report number for the credit card company.  I called the credit card company back and let them know what was going on.

A few days later I received a form in the mail from the credit card company.  One page long, it took me just a few minutes to fill out, copy for my records, and send back.  It was a summary of my claim.  In a few days I received confirmation that the charges were reversed and that was that.

So, the next time your credit card is stolen (heaven forbid), don’t get all anxious.  There’s a process at every credit card company, and the damage is usually reversible.

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