A Great New Read from the “Millionaire Next Door” Series

It’s called “Stop Acting Rich” by Thomas J. Stanley.

Stanley, as it so happens, is a market researcher who targets the affluent.  He’s written several other books of the Millionaire Next Door series.  This is his newest piece.  The main idea in the book is how the lifestyles of the rich differ from the lifestyles of the people who pretend to be rich.  (He calls them the balance sheet affluent and the income statement affluent, respectively.)  He also discusses the group that I am personally most interested, which he calls the “glittering rich”.  These are the people who both live an opulent lifestyle and have the resources that justify that lifestyle.  Interestingly, they live well below their means – it’s just that their means are tremendous.

I’ve previously read “The Millionaire Next Door”, “The Millionaire Mind”, and “Millionaire Women Next Door”; so I was excited to see this new book.  The most worthwhile portion in this book is where he speaks about the lifestyle of the average millionaire.  In the previous books, I took away the impression that millionaires live in small houses, drove excessively modest cars, and lived dull, work-a-day lives.  This book was more effective at showcasing some of the other activities millionaire do, such as vacations to Paris and the like.  I think this view humanized his study subjects from superhuman misers with a penchant for charitable giving to people who chose to maintain a normal lifestyle in the face of a large income – or, more often, significant appreciation in their closely held business.

This is a neat book that will give a unique and fact-based perspective on the millionaires that, apparently, surround us, but fly under our radar.

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